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Visionary Leadership and Expertise in Construction Project Management and Civil Engineering

A few projects on which I have led or held positions of responsibility include:

  •  K-12 Schools ($350 million Bond) Renovations and Immediate Needs to 145 school campuses in Orlando.
  •  Houston Light Rail ($325 million) Line Section 5 / Downtown Houston
  • Lake Charles Regional Airport Passenger Terminal ($25 million)
  • American Rice Rough Rice Storage and Processing Facility ($15 million)
  • Engineering Inspector / Permits Engineer – Paving and Drainage – City of Hollywood Florida (all private work within the jurisdiction) 
  • Engineering Inspector / Permits Engineer – Water, Sewer, Paving and Drainage – Town of Davie Florida (all private work within the jurisdiction)
  • Afghanistan Air Force Academy – ($40 million) Shindand Air Base, AF
  • British Special Ops compound – ($10 million) Forward Operating Base Fenty, AF
  • Jalalabad Passenger Terminal Renovation – ($5 million) Nangarhar, AF
  • AF Border Patrol Headquarters – ($15 million) Lashkar Gah, AF
  • Cottages of College Station – ($51 million) Student Housing, College Station, TX
  • The Cottages of San Marcos – ($71 million) Student Housing, San Marcos, TX
  •  Terrace View Apartments – ($125 million Purchase) – (Renovation Budget $75 million) – Renovations and Repositioning of a large 40-50-year-old Student Housing Community in Blacksburg Virginia (Virginia Tech)

The above is a sampling of projects on my project list, available upon request. 

Working for STV Group Inc., the Prime Designers / Program Managers for Houston’s First Light Rail Project, I was transferred from Orlando to Houston and assigned the position of Office Engineer for Line Section 5. This section was the Downtown Houston Section that runs from U of H Downtown Campus through Downtown Houston and terminates at Pierce Elevation (Expressway). 

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View the very first …Move-In Day at The Capstone Cottages of San Marcos (after my team successfully completed this 360,000 sf – project on-time and on-budget). 

Possessing well-documented construction management experience, from Schools. Airports, Runways / Taxi and Aprons, Student Housing, Restaurants, Light Rail, Military Construction in Combat Zones and Agricultural / Food Processing (Rice), I have been fortunate to have held positions of leadership on a wide variety of projects. 

American Rice Inc. at Freeport Texas

Below is a photo of the 15 Rough Rice Storage, (Elevators / Conveyors / Scales)  and Processing Facility in Freeport Texas, for American Rice (owned by Rivian Foods).

Working for Texas Gulf Engineering, I was the Project Manager assigned to this project as an Owner’s Representative, on this Design-Build Project. In addition to the 15 Rice Storage Bins and associated scales, conveyor/elevators and controls, the project also included an addition to the warehouse and rice processing buildings. 

The 15 Rice Storage Bins were built on concrete pilings, elevating the silos by 9 feet off grade to protect the product and facility from storm-water and flooding, due to the site being located at Port Freeport, where processed rice is loaded for transportation around the world.


As a seasoned construction manager with over 25 years of experience on the Owner Side and General Contractor Side of projects.

Working on multiple market segments of construction, my experience includes positions of leadership on large student housing new construction projects. With over 25 years of experience as a Florida Certified General Contractor, I possess licenses and experience in multiple states and jurisdictions.

Having led successful projects in the $3 million to $71 million range, I have held positions of responsibility on several projects over $300 million.

My project list includes a major Bond Issue ($350 million) of K-12 School renovation and construction of 145 school campuses in Orlando, the new Lake Charles Regional Airport Terminal ($25 million), 15 Rough Rice Storage and Processing facility for American Rice (Groupo Sos) ($15 million), and the Houston Light Rail ($325 million).

The Lake Charles Regional Airport where I was the Quality Control Manager / Safety Officer and Assistant Contract Administrator.

FAA Regional Director said

“This was the only project in her district that was built “On-Time and Within Budget”

Here is a marketing video of my San Marcos Cottages Project 

Recognized as “Tied” for Best Finishes and Best Move-In …in Company History!

I also have led large Student Housing construction and renovation projects, where time-sensitive, highly compressed schedules require high production run rates. As Senior Lead Superintendent and onsite Project Manager, I successfully led the construction and delivery of the 1354 Bed – $70 million Cottages of College Station (Tx) phase II. Following this project, I led the successful construction and delivery of the 899 Bed – $54 million Capstone Cottages of San Marcos (Tx). This 127 building project, of 360,000 square feet, was built (including site clearing and underground utilities in 9 months, at a monthly production run rate of 40,000 square feet per month. At this San Marcos, Texas project, I qualified the company with my construction license and pulled both structural and civil site work permits.

As a civilian contractor working under Department of Defense contracts in Afghanistan, I served as a quality assurance engineer and technical adviser for the USAF Prime Beef Squadron and the USAF AFCEE, in country-wide active combat zones.

For 3 years I worked with owners of a Houston based restaurant chain, in the position as Director of Construction / Construction Manager, leading an aggressive Texas regional expansion program. Leading the construction/development group under the owner, I was able to develop and build over 30% of the company-owned restaurants.

Lupe Tortilla Restaurants

Below is the LINK to Google for a “WALKTHROUGH” of one of my Lupe Tortilla Projects. You can view the interior and construction details here.


Most recently employed by Reliant Group Management as Construction Manager on their recent acquisition of Terrace View Apartments, a large 40-50-year-old Student Housing Community in Blacksburg Virginia. This property (purchased for $125 million) underwent multiple renovation and repositioning projects.

The renovation budget ($75 million)  that I oversaw and managed for the owner including complete interior gut and rebuilding, exterior renovations and re-skinning of the mansard type exteriors with gable roofs and new siding. Exterior painting and siding, replacement of HVAC systems, remodeling of the Clubhouse interior and exterior, renovation and rebuilding of the community pool, replacement of water heaters with tankless heaters, change out of the exterior door locks with new doors and keyless locks.

I have participated in numerous consultations including F and R Builders / Lennar Homes, USAF Prime Beef and USAF AFCEE, The Mackle Brothers (Marco Island and Deltona), Thomas Kramer (Redevelopment of Miami South Beach and construction of Portofino and many other projects), several private and institutional investment companies and many others.

In addition throughout my career,  I have owned two general contracting firms, a production ‘affordable’ home building / real estate development firm, a roofing subcontract firm and a residential and commercial painting firm.

Currently a principal in the following firms:


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